If your cumming...to the party:

A few party caveats for guests:
  • You are at least eighteen (18) years of age [proof may be required].
  • All parties are private and by the host's invitation only.
  • No drugs or driving home drunk permitted.
  • Safe-sex necesseties will be provided.
  • You may bring toys and accessories.
  • Please be considerate of the house, furniture, guests, and neighbors.
  • Always ask the host if you need something or have a question.
  • Not all organized activities are at the same location, though mainly in DC/MD/VA.
  • The host likes to hear your suggestions and party ideas.
  • Some activities might be photographed, but your privacy will always be respected first.
  • You may not be a law enforcement officer, officer of the court, employee, or volunteer for any law enforcement agency, or acting in a similar capacity when requesting information or while attending any of the organized activities.
  • Your RSVP is a commitment, and you will be expected to keep your commitment.
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